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High-speed EC blowers are energy-efficient solutions for healthcare applications. This article introduces some examples of medical devices which have successfully adopted high-speed EC blowers.


Many medical devices which require electric energy for air power still rely on compressed air feeds or motor-driven blowers utilizing relatively low-speed technology, both of which are power-hungry and inefficient when comparing electrical input power with the working air power delivered. For this reason, medical system designers are turning towards the benefits provided by high-speed electronically commutated (EC) blowers.

Combining superior device efficiency with relatively compact dimensions and lower weight allows the designer to locate the air source close to the point of use within the medical devices, with the further benefit of minimising piping losses for system efficiency gains. The net result can save several kW per device, which considering kW/hr rates can contribute a level of operational cost saving not be overlooked.

Let's take a look at some examples of medical devices which have successfully adopted high-speed EC blowers.

Cleaning & Disinfection Chamber
A cleaning or disinfection chamber is an indispensable device in each hospital. After the cleaning process, the blower is used to provide mixed pressure/flow within the system to clear any remaining water and debris from orifices in the medical devices, and to evacuate steam after drying to minimize cycle time. The blower’s compact weight and dimensions enable it to be mounted directly within the system. The EC blower construction is suitable to provide end users with several years of maintenance-free operation even in the most demanding high-duty applications.

Cryo-Therapy Systems
Many clinicians prefer to utilize non-invasive treatment methods to freeze & anaesthetize skin prior to laser therapy. In this application, the system requires a controllable stream of air with the blower located upstream to push air through the cryo-temp system, outlet hose and nozzle to the point of use on the patient. The blower can be embedded into the machine, with acoustic attenuation, to provide a comfortable quiet solution, where the user and patient will hear only the sound of the working air exiting the nozzle.

Surgical Smoke Evacuation
Considering the carbon dust released by brushed forms of motor commutation and the application need for speed control, the use of EC blowers in surgical smoke evacuation systems is necessary. The contactless commutation allows the system to be a powerful source of air suction for filter collection of surgical smoke, which may also contain carcinogenic airborne contaminants. Here the blower's onboard speed control interfaces with the medical suction device to provide fine control in conjunction with the use of the surgical tools, providing both patients and clinicians with safe breathable quality air.

Biopsy Analysis Device
Lab biopsy requires tissue to be finely sliced in preparation for micro-optical analysis. As the tissue is sliced it is imperative to ensure no air-borne contaminants are released from the sample material. This process requires the device to utilize an embedded suction device to collect, filter and store the airborne tissue and contaminants. EC blowers are ideally deployed in such devices. Their long life, speed control and compact dimensions enable fitment close to point of a contaminant release, without introducing additional airborne contaminants, such as carbon dust, which may interfere with the sample analysis.

High-speed EC Blowers – Energy-efficient Solutions for Healthcare Applications
Many requirements are common across the field of healthcare applications. Very low device downtime is paramount, combined with long duty cycles. In this respect the EC blowers offered by MAE, a brand of AMETEK, are a perfect fit, offering long service-free life. Special consideration is also given to acoustic performance when operating in the healthcare environment, to ensure the comfort and safety of both patients and clinicians. Thanks to the compact dimensions and weight of MAE’s EC blowers they can be mounted within the acoustic chamber of the system to ensure compliance with the defined noise limitations.

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